Ranomafana National Park

The Ranomafana National Park is located near the town of Fianarantsoa and covers nearly 41,600 ha of rainforest. Venture into the forest labyrinth and discover species you won’t see anywhere else on the island (including dangerous species).

The park is surrounded by mountain ranges where it is possible to make incredible hikes, which will please the most sporty.

When you leave the park, you will be face to face with a thermal pool and its baths near 38°C, renowned for its beneficial virtues. A small relaxation break after long hours of walkings

It is also recommended to provide impermeable clothes due to frequent rains, as well as anti-mosquito gels that will keep mosquitoes and leeches away.

the name Ranomafana means “hot water” and it was the water, not the lemurs which drew visitors in the colonial days.

These days the baths are generally ignored by visitors anxious to visit the eponymous national park particularly rich in wildlife.

The park has five different trails that vary in length and duration. The shorter circuits are more popular and, hence, get busier, whilst the longer ones offer wildlife spotting away from the higher footfall. The Varibolomena circuit takes about 4 hours to complete, and offers some great opportunities to spot the bamboo lemurs, passing a waterfall en-route. The Vohiparara route can take up to two days to complete, crossing the national park via a sacred lake, whereas Sahamalaotra is a 10 kilometre round circuit. Varikatsy is comprised of slightly rougher terrain, taking one or two days to complete, and has the added attraction of a natural pool to cool off in. The most challenging trek available is Soarano which, depending on fitness levels, can take two or three days to complete, visiting some traditional tanala villages on the way.

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