Rowens Cristancho presentation for Surf and Stone Studios

I’m very interested in the Jr. Videographer / Camera Operator position at your company. This basic page has the only purpose to show you my skills in videography and photography. I am a biologist and my passion and experience for videography came from my desire to communicate the importance of nature conservation. I am new in Canada, and I’m an international student. I have experience filming wildlife, there is no room for second chances while filming wildlife, so this experience makes me a good fit for camera operation in events.


This is a series of videos I created to promote ecotourism and wildlife conservation in South America. I made all the process from filming in the ground to editing. 

I made this video to promote a nature reserve in Peru. Is the only place where you can see the andean bear in a dry forest

This video is to promote Sandoval Lake, a biodiversity hotspot in the Peruvian Amazon

Here another test video I made for  nature reserve in Colombia. They wanted to promote the new building at the top of the mountain. This video was made totally by dron 

I made this corporate video for a research station in Peru.  (The animal footage here is not mine, it is from the station archive)


Although I have experience more as a videographer and wildlife photographer I have somewhat experience doing event photography.
Me in the forest